Unique Uses for CBD

Unique Uses for CBD: Topicals, Pet Care, Other Methods

I would like to think that the most common CBD product known is the edible, or maybe even the sublingual oils (sometimes called a tincture). But besides oils and gummies, there are a vast array of CBD (and other cannabinoids) products out there for some interesting uses.

One of my favorites would be CBD topicals (creams, body oils, lotions, soaps, bath bombs, etc). Obviously, CBD creams or salves would be put directly onto the skin to relieve pain. These same “pain” products can be used as well for skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema, but there are still other uses for CBD Topicals.

Hand Creams infused with CBD are great for people who work outdoors, or with chemicals that make their hands dry and/or itchy. These also work well on the soles of the feet. There are even hand creams that have tea tree oil as an agent to fight off bacteria.

Pocket-Sized CBD Rollers are tiny little topical dispensers that fit with a rollerball for easy usage. These not only pack a large amount of CBD into a tiny bottle but mix it with herbs and flowers to influence your body and mind to decompress. The tiny roller has completely blown me away by preventing or lessening my headaches when it is rubbed around the hairline and directly onto the temples.

CBD Massage Oils are another great topical option, along with transdermal patches, bath bombs, and lubricants. CBD applied to the skin can start working right away. I have noticed a tremendous difference when applying for pain (sore/strained muscle, bruises, gout, arthritis, swelling, etc.) and even noticed the discoloration of bruises seems to rapidly heal, faster than usual.

CBD has also been known to protect the color of tattoos AND the healing process. There are special CBD salves made specifically for tattoos. The CBD will also help with the pain and tenderness of the skin around the tattoo. CBD tattoo cream can also be used on small cuts, scrapes, and burns.

So enough about topicals for now; another CBD route is FOR YOUR FUR BABIES! It’s estimated that 78 million dogs and 85.8 million cats are owned in the United States, and it is obvious how conscious these little critters are!! CBD can help your dog, cat, horse, goat, fox, or any animal with a vertebrate. These animals can have nearly the same issues that humans have: from anxiety and pain to more serious issues like epilepsy.

CBD for animals can be in the form of an edible (dog treat, peanut butter, etc), sublingual oil, or even topical. Topicals are great for skin conditions, burns, scars, and much more! I even had a customer tell me that they would rub the CBD Pet Salve on their dog’s ears (because of all the tiny veins in their ears) which may deliver CBD quickly into the bloodstream as it absorbs into the skin. You can use the CBD pet salve for their paws for allergies or hot spots.

CBD dog treats are usually the more common purchase because some animals do not like the flavor (but some DO) and when you have an animal with a serious condition, a stronger, more potent oil is probably your best bet. These powerful oils for your pets are used for conditions like epilepsy, serious pain symptoms (hip dysplasia, Intervertebral disc, etc.) any ailment which may make your pet not have an appetite, and much more.

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