Mushroom Pixie Sticks


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Weed love Magic Pixie Sticks are deliciously re-vamped pixie sticks infused with Michigan-grown psilocybin mushrooms. There is 200MG (.2 Grams) of psilocybin per stick. This desirable and amplified candy MUST be consumed with responsibility. For those who have never tripped or ingested psychedelic mushrooms: start small, remember to create a good physical setting, and maintain a good and positive mindset before consuming. Depending on your desired effects is how much you should consume (refer to the chart.
Shrooms are a sacred medicine and must be treated as such. They have been consumed for their medicinal properties for thousands of years and continually change the lives of those who are fortunate to partake in this most-cherished experience.
Best consumed with healthy foods and while you are optimally rested and hydrated. Benefits of consuming this product include but are not limited to: increased quality of life, improved mood, quitting toxic habits, increased focus, and increased energy among countless others.


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