Kali Mist


28% THC

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Dutch seed bank Serious Seeds hasn’t revealed the lineage of Kali Mist, but it reports the strain is an “almost pure Sativa” F1 hybrid. According to Serious Seeds, Kali Mist has collected upwards of 14 awards, including 1st Hydro at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1995, 1st Sativa at High Times Cannabis Cup in 2000 and 1st Hash at the 2012 Cannabis Champions Cup in Spain. Serious Seeds carries both regular and feminized Kali Mist seeds. The breeder said Kali Mist grows both indoors and outdoors with minimal leaves, allowing light to permeate the branches and encourage high yields of dense, spicy-scented, resinous flower clusters in a 70-90 day flowering period. According to Serious Seeds, the strain is an effective mood enhancer, and may also alleviate chronic pain, backaches and menstrual cramps.

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