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73 / 100 Gelonade Strain Spotlight and Review Gelonade Strain Spotlight and Review Strain Breakdown Sativa-Hybrid Strain THC Gelonade RelaxingEnergetic AVG THC LEVEL 29.65% AVG CBD LEVEL 0.06% CANNABINOID SNAPSHOT TERPENE SNAPSHOT Gelonade is an exceptional uplifting sativa hybrid strain by Connected Cannabis Co with a sweet, lemon flavor and smell. Gelonade weed strain has a higher than normal THC average, often reaching up to 30% and also boasts high levels of the terpenes as well. High amounts of limonene and caryophyllene give Gelonade plenty of ammunition to help relieve stress and anxiety and even depression. It’s high levels of limonene promote a positive mood and give your body a healthy boost of energy. Gelonade Strain Experience Gelonade has an unmistakable potent lemon aroma that has hints of its sweet parent lineage Gelato #41. Each hit sends a rush straight through your body melting away stress and relaxing your mind and invigorating your body with energy. The effects last an hour or 2 depending upon your tolerance and for most, the comedown is clean and gradual with no burnout. Side effects include the normal high THC effects such as Dry or Red Eyes and Dry Mouth. Gelonade Strain Characteristics A cross of Lemon Tree and Gelato #41 with a sweet, citric, lemony aroma and host of potential therapeutic benefits from the extremely high levels of cannabinoids and terpenes. Gelonade has decent levels of CBG but it is the THC and THCa that stand out often at over 30%. Alone this level of THC would make it beneficial for moods, energy, stress, appetite and nausea, and when combined with the terpenes, the Entourage Effect in increased. Euphoric Energetic Sedating Relaxing Couchlock Focus Creativity Social Pain Relief Stress Insomnia Appetite Anxiety Nausea

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